Got my mini veg garden dug and planted over the last couple of days. Planted in five rows of Garlic and five rows of onions.

Garlic:- Variety Germidour, Type Violet, Origin France. To plant garlic you need well drained soil in full sun.

Garlic is planted either in the Autumn or the spring, depending on your climate. In the north, plant garlic in the fall. In warmer climates, it is best to plant garlic in early spring, though seed garlic must be chilled first to break it out of its dormant state.

  1. Separate the bulbs into individual cloves right before planting, leaving the papery layer around each clove. Choose larger cloves for planting and use the little ones for eating or preserving.

  2. Plant the cloves 4cm deep.

  3. Be sure to plant each clove with the pointy tip facing up and the basal/root end facing down.

  4. Space the cloves 30cm apart in rows spaced 25-30cm.

Onions:- I planted variety Snowball. Into the same soil as the garlic. It was planted in rows 25-30cm apart. The onions 20cm apart. They can be planted Sept Oct and Nov be harvested June and July.

Now I’m not an expert and the way I have planted is taken from magazines and the Internet. I still need to look at how to care for them as they grow.

If successful these will be for the use of gite guests next summer. Its the little added touches that I’m convinced will make our Gite stand out from the rest.

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