Compromis de Vente

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The process of buying a house in France is very different to the UK. For information on my experiences of the process please contact me and I will be happy to share my thoughts. In short the first stage after you have chosen the property you want to buy is negotiate an acceptable offer with the vendor through the agent.

Once agreed the estate agent will then arrange for various reports to be carried out on the property for you. Once the agent has all the paperwork back, you will be invited to a meeting to go through these reports with the agent. At this point you can add in any additional requirements that you want to include. In our case we wanted our vendor to remove a lot rubbish from the site. This then forms part of the Compromise de Vente.

Once you are happy with the paperwork you sign the Compromis. The vendor will then sigh. For the vendor that is it, he is then tied into the sale and cannot sell to anyone else.

You then sign again and at this point you have a ten day cooling off period, in which you can change your mind on the purchase. After ten days you will also be tied in and have to buy your way out of the contact if you change your mind. This is usually by paying the vendor ten percent of the purchase price.

This will be our second house purchase in France. We are buying a second very run down property with the deadline of May 21 for renovation. We will then have a property to use as a holiday rental. Follow our renovation story as it unfolds.

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