The start of our adventure.

My first reaction to buying in France was - Why? - that was until I researched the Haute-Vienne with all it has to offer, unspoilt by mainstream tourism. Property was inexpensive and so our journey began. 

In November 2007 we landed at Limoges airport, picked up our hire car, and after many wrong turns in the pitch dark and pouring rain we eventually made it to our B&B. Why November? Simple, if we liked the area in November we would love it in the summer. It was also my 40th birthday. 

Fast forward to 2020. The year of Covid and of course Brexit. During lockdown we made the decision to leave the UK for a permanent move to France. It had always been the long term plan, but lockdown gave us time to think and Brexit gave us the deadline. Providing we could be legally resident in France before the end of 2020 we would benefit from being able to apply for residency under the withdrawal agreement as an EU citizen. 

So here we are in France with enough cash in the bank to last about a year and a small income from renting our UK property.

We have been renovating our side barn into a lounge for years. Time to finish it off.

 We are also in the process of purchasing a second property to renovate and rent as a holiday home and setting up our property management business. 

Add into the mix trying to wade through the French paperwork for residency, healthcare. Not to mention a mediocre grasp of the French language (a work in progress). It's going to be a steep learning curve. 

Follow our journey. It would be great to have you along!